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Touching the Clouds

Touching the CloudsMusic created specially for deep relaxation and use in complementary therapies

Symbiosis have created the ideal album for healing and relaxation. The CD release of Touching the Clouds contains 72 minutes of music made specially for deep relaxation with the needs of holistic practitioners and complementary medicine in mind. The original Therapist's Edition 'double album' version is now available from iTunes and is even longer, playing for nearly 90 minutes! Touching the Clouds helps you to relax and combat stress in the gentlest of ways, and offers plenty of time to calm the mind and soothe the spirit without interruption. Used as a background for therapies such as massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, yoga and acupuncture, the tracks merge together to create a continuous atmosphere of peace and healing, leaving therapists free to work without 'breaking the flow'.

'Acclaimed for its proven therapeutic use... it is one of the best stress-relieving albums on the planet!' (Ambience Magazine, Australia)

All the music on Touching the Clouds has been specially written and recorded by Symbiosis to provide a range of atmospheres with a unique character. They enhance rather than intrude on a session of healing or relaxation, creating an environment which allows free thought and self-healing. Research (see below) has proved its ability to lower the heartbeat rate and hence reduce stress. Flutes, acoustic guitar, keyboards, tsimbala, marimba and occasional nature sounds are blended with intriguing sound textures to make the perfect relaxation album for healing centres, practitioners, travelling and home listening alike. Tracks include: Nimbus; Touching the Clouds; Lakeside; Der Wälder Nacht (Forested Night); and Wrapped in Evening Mists.

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'I was absolutely enthralled by the beautiful music'
Customer, Kent... about Touching the Clouds

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(A proportion of the royalties from the cassette is donated to the charity Butterfly Conservation.)

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'Of all I've heard, Touching the Clouds is still my
(and my clients') favourite CD'

Holistic Practitioner, Glasgow

'I think Touching the Clouds is WONDERFUL'
Customer, Bury St Edmunds

Symbiosis success in Medical Research

A study at Kingston University has shown that listening to Symbiosis can reduce the heartbeat rate, and therefore help people to relax. In tests, music from Touching the Clouds was found to be the most successful at reducing the pulse and hence helping to reduce stess.

Doctors at St. Bartholomew's hospital in London have used Symbiosis's music as part of a study to see if relaxation tapes can be used with – or even instead of – conventional medication to treat some stress-related problems.

In June '94, final-year undergraduate music student Ree Phillips of Kingston University completed a dissertation on 'An Exploration of the Relationship between Music and Relaxation.' She came up with some very interesting findings giving strength to the idea that music can have positive effects if used specifically for relaxation.

Her questionnaire asked, "Do you think that music can be used as an aid to relaxation," and ninety percent of respondents replied "Yes." Another question, "If you were prescribed a piece of music by a doctor to listen to on a regular basis as an alternative to medication to aid relaxation, would you try it out?" was affirmed by 80% of the sample, showing that a surprising number of people now accept that listing to music can be a form of complementary therapy in its own right.

Ree's research included a pilot study to measure people's heartbeat while they listened to various kinds of music. Her findings showed that music has a noticeable effect, and that music intended for relaxation does produce a positive result.

The graph on the left indicates the average heartbeat rate for those taking part in the study, measured first before any music was played, and then during the last minute of each of 11 four minute extracts. (The shorter the line, the better the result.) It can clearly be seen that the heartbeat rate fell significantly during Albinoni's Adagio and the relaxation pieces at the end of the 45 minute listening session, and that two works tied in first place to produce the lowest heart-beat rate. The most relaxed response in the listeners was measured during a Symbiosis piece (the title track from Touching the Clouds) and a slow adagietto by Vivaldi. The Symbiosis track managed to achieve this 'best' result despite the subjects' heart rates being elevated by the Heavy Metal track they had heard immediately before it!

Following Ree's work at Kingston University, music by Symbiosis was used in research at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London. A specialist group there was investigating the possibility that patients with stress-related stomach problems could be helped to reach a more relaxed state by listening to Touching the Clouds.

Professor Michael Farthing – one of the country's leading specialists in Irritable Bowel Syndrome – then adopted the Touching the Clouds album for his series of public lectures on IBS. Another Symbiosis release - Song of the Peach Tree Spring - was later featured on the BBC1 programme Watchdog Healthcheck, where the album was used successfully as part of a relaxation process in a test devised by Dr. Ann Fingret (head of Occupational Health at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London). Of three different methods of reducing stress (again measured by heartbeat rate), the one using Symbiosis came out best! Touching the Clouds and other albums by Symbiosis are now widely used in hospitals, hospices, healing centres and prisons for their proven therapeutic effects.

Listen to Touching the Clouds (the title track used in the Kingston University test)

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"A treat for the head, heart and ears! I love this album..."
(Bill Martin, Catalist) Read full review...

"Symbiosis have created beautiful music; delicate and sparse arrangements of flutes, keyboards and acoustic guitar over a fine soundscape backdrop combined with atmosphere which both become instruments themselves... something special and original with a stunning display of subtlety and creativity; an intriguing, original release"
(Kindred Spirit magazine)

"Here is truly perfect music for deep relaxation and holistic therapies. Compositions that hold the attention with their superb instrumentation yet soothe and calm make this recording truly magical. Highly recommended"
(Lina Goodyear and Jennifer, Heartsong Review, USA. * Editor's Pick)

"Creating a deliciously relaxing space"
(Brian Lee, I to I magazine)

"Ideal for healing, yoga and relaxation. This innovative and evocative music reaches deep within the soul of the listener to soothe and relax. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this album as it is probably some of the best ambient/new age music around at the moment."
(Dave Bird, New Age Trader)

"The effect is floating, spacey, and agreeably narcotic. A mediaeval astronomer would undoubtedly conclude that it was the music of the spheres."
(Michael Church, The Independent) Read full article...


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