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Deliciously relaxing music from Symbiosis

The Comfort ZoneThe Comfort Zone

Over one hour of the most peaceful tracks by Symbiosis are now available on one CD for only £9.95! The accompanying booklet includes a 'Top Ten Tips for Relaxation' by leading Naturopath Max Tomlinson. This deliciously relaxing collection of music is perfect for home listening or for creating the right ambience for holistic therapies.

The Comfort Zone features 14 calming tracks: The Beauty Within (from Amber & Jade); Sacred Space and The Land of Shadows (from Song of the Peach Tree Spring); The Comfort Zone and Woodsmoke and Mountain Rain (new works); Across the Tides, Pastures Green and The Lonely Lake (from Autumn Days); Early Morning - 2002 Remix (originally appeared on Tears of the Moon); Violet, Deep Yellow and Gold (from Sea of Light); and Nimbus and Daybreak (from therapists' favourite Touching the Clouds).

The Comfort ZoneThe musicians are: Richard Bolton (guitars); John Hackett (concert and bass flutes, keyboard, guitar); Clive Williamson (Keyboards, Autoharp, Jingles and Chimes, Finger Cymbals, Brushed Cymbals and Whistling); and guest Rupert Flindt plays Fretless Bass on The Lonely Lake.

Max TomlinsonThe album comes with a 12 page full-colour booklet which – along with Max Tomlinson's unique tips for relaxation* – includes a guide to nine Symbiosis albums and their use in holistic therapies, workplaces and relaxing listening at home.

Mail-Order price via : £9.95 for 61 mins CD (+ postage & packing from £1.50)

Also available world-wide from iTunes - Click here to listen or download:

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* Max Tomlinson is the author of "Clean Up Your Diet - The pure food programme to cleanse, energize and revitalize."
(Duncan Baird Publishers Ltd, 2007)

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