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 Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds
videos from Symbiosis

1/4: Interview with John Hackett & Clive Williamson about Symbiosis

Music by London-based group Symbiosis came top in a test carried out at Kingston University in 1994, achieving the greatest reduction in heartbeat rate – and hence the best relaxing effect – in a research project exploring 'the Relationship between Music and Relaxation'. Here flautist John Hackett and producer/musician Clive Williamson explain the test results and how they create their calming albums in a studio near West London's beautiful Kew Gardens. As a result of the research, music by Symbiosis was chosen to help patients at St. Bartholomew's and the Royal Marsden Hospitals in London.

(Channel One News report by Selzer Cole. Featured music: Golden Light from the Sea by Symbiosis.)

Hear the music used in the Kingston University research: Touching the Clouds

2/4: Music Video for "The Beauty Within" by Symbiosis

(taken from their albums The Comfort Zone and Amber and Jade)

3/4: 'AOTEAROA - Nature Sounds of New Zealand'

... is an album of uniquely relaxing recordings from the 'Land of the Long White Cloud' released by the group Symbiosis. It features the beautiful calls of native birds like the Tui, Bellbird and Kaka, as well as the sounds of Pacific shores, gentle rain, distant thunder, calming bush atmospheres, hot springs and even some bubbling mud! The album is now one of of their best sellers world-wide on iTunes and has been included in many TV and radio soundtracks including the BBC mini-series 'The Lost World'. This presentation is introduced by sound recordist Clive Williamson and features photos of many of the recording locations and signature sounds and images of the country, including the tui, bellbird, yellow eyed penguin (hoiho), the endangered tuatara, and views of Rotorua's Champagne Pool, the Kaikoura coastline, the Moeraki Boulders and the off-shore island nature reserves of Kapiti and Tiritiri Matangi.

The extra-ordinary digital field recordings for AOTEAROA - Nature Sounds of New Zealand were made by ex-BBC sound engineer and producer Clive Williamson using 'super-hearing' pre-amplifiers. Clive says, "New Zealand is a fantastic place to discover unspoiled nature and its wildlife is unique! I have tried to capture the essence of this wonderful environment in sound... Especially in places where threatened species are being given a second chance. If you have ever been there, or have read, heard or seen "Last Chance to See" by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine, you should really enjoy listening to these recordings!"

4/4: Meditation for Your Home by Denise Linn
(Music by Symbiosis)

This guided meditation is taken from Denise Linn's video "Instinctive Feng Shui for Creating Sacred Space". Our homes should be a source of hope and renewal: havens of peace. Beautifully filmed in the heart of Devon and Somerset in England, Denise shows how to use the ancient arts of Space Clearing and Feng Shui. The healing energy in your home can profoundly affect your ability to be healthy, creative and prosperous, transforming ordinary surroundings into Sacred Space. In this, her first video release, Denise demonstrates simple yet highly effective step-by-step techniques to enhance our environments – and our lives! Video available in both NTSC and PAL formats. 55 mins. (Recorded and produced by QED Productions Ltd. Music specially composed by Symbiosis.)

Music featured in this meditation: "Violet" performed by John Hackett (flute) and Clive Williamson (keyboards) from the Symbiosis album Sea of Light. Closing music: "The Beauty Within", from The Comfort Zone.

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"Good vibes are no mere figure of speech.
The effect is floating, spacey,
and - as I found when I gave it the
couch-test - agreeably narcotic..."

Discover Symbiosis in an article from the Independent newspaper: "Songs in the key of Valium"

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