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Touching the CloudsAmber and JadeThe Comfort ZoneSea of LightSong of the Peach Tree Spring

Currently available on CD and through Symbiosis:

 SYMCD2001 Tears of the Moon  2001
 SYMCD2002 Song of the Peach Tree Spring  1998
 SYMCD2003 Touching the Clouds  1995
 SYMCD2006 Lake of Dreams  1994
 SYMCD2007 Autumn Days  1995
 SYMCD2008 Amber & Jade  1996
 SYMCD2009 AOTEAROA - Nature Sounds of New Zealand  1997
 SYMP3001 Sea of Light  1999
 SYMCD2011 The Comfort Zone  2002
 SYMCD2012 Dancing in your Dreams  2005
SYMCD2014 The Dream of the Emperor's Concubine – by Maloviere & Symbiosis (iTunes only release) 2008

Dancing in your DreamsAutumn DaysAOTEAROATears of the MoonLake of Dreams

Cassette Releases:

 SYM2001  Tears of the Moon  1988 - DELETED
 SYM2002  Song of the Peach Tree Spring  1988 - DELETED
 SYM2003  Touching the Clouds
(90 minute Therapist's Edition)
Now available on John Hackett - Checking Out of London!
 SYM2004  Atmospheres  1992 - DELETED
 SYM2005  The Inner Voice  1992 - DELETED
 SYM2006  Lake of Dreams  1994
 SYM2007 Autumn Days  1995
 SYM2008  Amber & Jade  1996
 SYM2009  AOTEAROA - Nature Sounds of New Zealand  1997
 SYM2010  Sounds to Relax You (Introductory cassette)  1998 - DELETED

All albums (c) Symbiosis Music Ltd.

  Symbiosis also composed the music for the following albums by Denise Linn:

Angels! Angels! Angels! (QED Double Cassette)

Phoenix Rising (QED Double Cassette); Dreams (QED Double Cassette);

Secrets & Mysteries - the Glory and Pleasure of being a Woman (QED Double CD)

(all available on )

and her video: Instinctive Feng Shui for Creating Sacred Space


...and had two tracks released on the New Age Music Association compilation CD:

Lucid Dreaming (NAMA 2001, released 1992) - now DELETED

Music by Symbiosis has been included in a number of BBC Recordings including:

Satellites Français; The Paddington Bear stories; Get by in French and Get by in German


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