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Touching the Clouds

Touching the Clouds has well over an hour of spacious music to calm the mind and soothe the spirit. Created specially for deep relaxation and for use in complementary therapies, the album evokes a unique atmosphere of peace and healing. Research has proved its ability to lower the heartbeat rate and hence help to reduce stress. The tracks blend harmoniously one into another, creating a continuous ambience of healing and calm, and there are very few tunes or themes in the work to distract the listener and prevent really deep relaxation.With Touching the Clouds, Symbiosis have achieved a remarkable balance: this is music which is beautifully played and recorded but which leaves space for the listener to explore freely... and to relax with a profound sense of Zen-like inner peace. (72 mins CD or 90 mins double album download from Symbiosis )

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Amber and Jade

Mellifluous flute-playing, gentle acoustic guitar, symphonic strings and pastoral nature sounds all help to produce one of the most peaceful, harmonious and calming albums ever written for deep relaxation and healing. (If you are hearing music playing from this page, it is taken from this album!) Ideal for therapists - Playing times: 74 mins CD; 76 mins Cassette. (Now on Symbiosis )

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'The Beauty Within' appears on both Amber and Jade and...

The Comfort Zone

Take all the time you need - or as much time as you can spare - to bathe in the soothing music of Symbiosis at their deeply calming best! The Comfort Zone is the ultimate 'quick fix' in relaxation, with 60 minutes of the most deliciously relaxing pieces made by the group so far. Listen to the whole album, or individual tracks. The music on this CD compilation has been carefully chosen to create a peaceful ambience whenever and wherever you need it! (Now on Symbiosis)

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 Sea of Light

This is a sublime journey in sound from rich, grounding Red to divine and meditative Violet. The accompanying 12-page booklet includes original colour abstracts and written meditations for the seven rainbow colours. Vibrant, serene and pure, Sea of Light is a harmonious and highly musical album including flutes, acoustic guitar and piano. The two vibrations which can most profoundly and directly affect our emotions and our sense of well-being are colour and sound: the music on this disc is an inspired combination of the two! Extended Play Compact Disc - Playing time: 68 minutes. (The Symbiosis download features a free additional 'therapists flowing mix' of the album.)

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 Song of the Peach Tree Spring

Song of the Peach Tree Spring was inspired by the work of the 8th Century Chinese poet Wang Wei, whose sensitive writing conjures up tranquil images of nature and the elements. His most poignant poem is a Shangri-la style tale which provides the title for this album. These recordings echo the tender sense of peace evoked in his words.This CD plays for 69 minutes and is long enough to last throughout most relaxation or holistic therapy sessions. So whether you are a practitioner, or simply need to unwind, let this album help you to find peaceful, healing, deep relaxation.

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Dancing in your Dreams

Drawing inspiration from around the globe, Symbiosis have created a unique musical fusion which is by turns atmospheric, energizing and uplifting. Here for the first time is a compilation of their most rhythmic work, which features John Hackett (flutes); Richard Bolton (guitars); Ashley Drees (mandolin & percussion); and Clive Williamson (keyboards & wind synth). These gentle global grooves blend instruments and styles from Africa, Australia, Asia, Spain and Latin America. Relax and enjoy this timeless music... hopefully you will soon be Dancing in your Dreams! (Now on Symbiosis )

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 Autumn Days

Take a magical journey to refresh the mind and uplift the spirit! Travel from summer woodlands to distant shores via far Eastern temples, Spanish castles and tranquil North American lakes. Autumn Days features the sounds of flutes from around the world, dreamy autoharp, ambient guitars, soprano sax and soft percussion, blended with the sounds of nature and the sea. Gently energizing, this album is ideal for entertaining, or for the therapist at the end of a hard day!

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 Tears of the Moon

This is a musical story drawing its inspiration from a legend. The South American Incas knew the precious metal silver by the evocative name Tears of the Moon. Now the mythic atmosphere of that lost civilization has been reborn in this spine-tingling album. This is an extraordinary work which stimulates the imagination. It gives a real sense of journeying through space, time and the elements and it is perfect for encouraging creativity, visualisation, relaxation at home, at work, or while travelling. (Plays for 74 minutes)
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 Lake of Dreams

Slow Latin jazz, ambient classical, and global beats: Lake of Dreams is the perfect introduction to the best of Symbiosis! More than an hour of atmospheric music suitable for relaxing listening, and features several tracks not yet available elsewhere. The CD has three bonus tracks and a total playing time of 78 minutes.

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 AOTEAROA - Nature Sounds of New Zealand

Beautiful nature sounds from 'The Land of the Long White Cloud". Lose yourself in the enchanting calls of Bellbirds, Kaka and Tui. Or simply picture yourself on an endless Pacific beach at sunset, lulled by the music of the gently lapping waves. Listen to AOTEAROA* and get as far away from it all as you possibly can! These wonderful recordings capture the true beauty of the nature and landscape of New Zealand - first known to the Maori as AOTEAROA - or the 'Land of the Long White Cloud'. With gently calming early morning forest and bush atmospheres, the ebb and flow of the Pacific ocean, distant rolling thunder and the sounds of hot springs, glowworm caves and boiling mud pools, you'll enjoy relaxing to these 'postcards in sound' from a remarkable natural haven! (Now on )

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* Pronounced: 'ow-tay(a)-roa' (Sales of this album support bird conservation in New Zealand)

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