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Creating sounds that are either calming and refreshing or thought-provoking and atmospheric, British-based group Symbiosis are a unique fusion of ambient soundscapes with superbly played natural instruments such as flutes, guitar, woodwind and gentle percussion.

The group began by providing instrumental music and theme tunes for BBC radio and TV programmes in the UK. Their compositions have since been broadcast in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand and on the BBC's World Service. Symbiosis can also be heard on retail projects from the BBC, Longman and best-selling author Denise Linn and they have established their own range of highly successful relaxation music albums in the UK, which are now sold globally through iTunes.

Bookshelf (Fantasy Books Edition), Kaleidoscope, The Icy Grave, In Their Element, and Pick of the Week (BBC Radio 4)
The Science of Sound (Radio 4 and World Service); Spinning Stars, 1,2,3,4,5, and The Ice of Time (Radio 5)
Paddington Bear stories (BBC Enterprises Audio Book)
The Gothic Imagination - Incidental music for readings from Dracula, Frankenstein and other Gothic horror fiction (Radio 3, December 1992)
Looking for Anaïs Nin and Snapshots of South Africa (Radio 3, April 1993)
USA 2000 (BBC Schools, first shown 1995)
Le Club - arrangements of 12 traditional French tunes for Radio 5 language series
The Day They Made It Rain (BBC Radio documentary - Winner of the Sony Radio Academy Gold Award for Best News Programme, 2002)
Countryfile (BBC1, 2007)

Just Three Wishes (Radio 4)
A Family Learns Spanish and Beginners Spanish (Radio 5)
Get by in French and Get by in German (BBC Enterprises)
Satellites - Package of ten signature tunes and incidental music for French stories (BBC Enterprises & Longmans)
The Lexicon of Life - Suite of music composed for TSB TV, Tokyo in collaboration with actor and musician Maloviere
The Trial of Anna Cotman - Sig. tune and incidental music for 4 x 30' dramas (Radio 5)
Business Languages - Sig. and stings package for series of nine Pitman cassette tapes
Denise Linn - Incidental music for four double albums of guided meditations (Angels!, Angels!, Angels!; Phoenix Rising; Dreams; and Secrets & Mysteries - The Glory and Pleasure of Being a Woman) and one video (Instinctive Feng Shui for Creating Sacred Space)
Geoff Hamilton's Paradise Gardens (BBC2) - Opening Title Music

Music From the Hearts of Space (USA syndication).
Programmes: #391 "Engulfed"; #411 "Northern Lights 3"; #423 "Spring Forward"; #425 "Something in Green"; #443 "Ice II"
British Airways In-Flight Entertainment (tracks from Autumn Days and AOTEAROA - see below)

Clive Williamson on '11AM', Australia
Techno (BBC2) - Interview/demonstration/performance on making music using MIDI and Synthesizers.
The Works (Radio 3)
The Lite Show (Spectrum Radio, London)
MultiTrack (World Service)
In the Mix (ABC Sydney)
Judy Spiers Show (BBC Radio 2)
Andrew Ollie Show (2BL, Sydney, Australia) 17.11.95
11 am (TV, Channel 7, Australia)
Kim Hill Show (Radio New Zealand National) 17.1.96
Diane Louise Jordan (BBC Radio 2) 8.11.97
Bob Hughes Show (2BL, Sydney, Australia) 7.12.97
Channel 1 News (TV, London)
In Touch with New Zealand (Radio New Zealand National) 2002

Cecil Sharp House (New Age Music Association concerts) 21.12.90, 15.3.91
Rudolph Steiner House, London (18th July '91, 18th June '92)
The SEED Club, London (Dec '91, 23rd Feb '92)
Swedenborg Hall (Summer '92)
Festival for Mind-Body-Spirit, London (1995, 96, 97, 98)
Festival for Mind-Body-Spirit, Sydney (1995, 96)
The Open Centre, New York

VIDEOS: visit our Symbiosis Videos Webpages

AOTEAROA - Nature Sounds of New Zealand
British Airways In-Flight Entertainment
Emirates In-Flight Entertainment
In Touch with New Zealand (Radio New Zealand National) 17.11.97
Paul Holmes, Newstalk ZB, New Zealand
Prime TV, New Zealand (Marbecks's Records Feature on Prime Living) 21.02.01
In Touch with New Zealand (Radio New Zealand National) 26.02.01
RPM (Radio New Zealand National)
BBC TV Productions: The Lost World mini-series (2002); Around the World in 80 Gardens (BBC2, 2008)

Symbiosis Music, Richmond, Surrey
M.C.P.S. (London)
MusicSupervisor.com (U.S.A.)

Core members of the group are flautist John Hackett (renowned in his own right for his UK solo albums and world-wide for his recordings and live performances with brother Steve Hackett); jazz and folk-influenced guitarist Richard Bolton; and founder-member Clive Williamson, who plays keyboards and percussion and whose years of experience as a Sound Designer at the BBC have helped to give Symbiosis its unique flavour.

Their latest work is a rhythmic global fusion drawing influences and sounds from many cultures called Dancing in Your Dreams and Symbiosis are currently planning to release many of the spare, darker soundscapes that they have written specially for TV, film and radio use through
Symbiosis, MusicSupervisor.com and Pump Audio.

For more information about the group, e-mail:

relax(at)symbiosis-music.com {replacing (at) with @ }

Symbiosis Music, 14 Ash Hill Road, Torquay, Devon, TQ1 3HZ, England
Phone: +44 (0)1803 293030 (during office hours only - 9:30am to 6:30pm; UK time)


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