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Sea of Light CD CoverSea of Light

A unique album for relaxation and use in colour therapy, crystal healing and chakra work

Colour Meditations in music which are perfect for relaxation, visualisation and healing. Pure, powerful, and deeply relaxing, each track captures the quintessence of one colour in sound. The album features beautiful flutes, acoustic guitar and piano.

The music on Sea of Light has been created to reflect the power of colour to affect and inspire our lives! Here Symbiosis capture the essence and qualities of each colour in music, using deeply relaxing ambient soundscapes and natural instruments including flutes, acoustic guitar and piano. This is a unique journey in sound from rich, grounding Red to divine and meditative Violet, through the energy of Orange, the clarity of Yellow, the harmony of Green and the gentle and healing peace of Blue. The accompanying 12-page booklet includes original colour abstracts and written meditations for the seven rainbow colours.

Vibrant, serene and pure, Sea of Light is a harmonious and highly musical album. The two vibrations which can most profoundly and directly affect our emotions and our sense of well-being are colour and sound, and the music on this disc is an inspired combination of the two!

Featured colours: Deep Yellow; Red; Orange; Pale Yellow; Green;
Blue; Indigo; Violet; Amethyst; Grey; Apple Green; Deep Blue;
Peach; Turquoise; Silver; Rose Pink; Gold

Ideal for: Colour Therapy, Chakra Healing; Crystal Healing; Feng Shui; Space Clearing; Visualisation and Yoga; and for complementary therapies such as Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology & Reiki. Also suitable for relaxation at home, at work, or while travelling. Extended Play Compact Disc - Playing time: 68 minutes.

Mail-Order price by post, phone, fax or : £9.95 (+ Postage & packing from £1.50)

Now on Symbiosis with a bonus flowing mix of the entire album!

'I have about a hundred of these kind of albums but I choose to play Sea of Light a lot – it's fantastic!'
Acupuncturist, Northampton

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