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Touching the Clouds

"A treat for the head, heart and ears! I love this album..." (Bill Martin, Catalist) Read full review...

"Creating a deliciously relaxing space" (Brian Lee, I to I magazine)

"The effect is floating, spacey, and agreeably narcotic. A mediaeval astronomer would undoubtedly conclude that it was the music of the spheres." (Michael Church, The Independent) Read full article...

"I loved the simplicity, the naturalness of it. I found it very flowing; soothing very gentle. If I was trying to make up my mind what a New Age track would sound like, this would be the type of track." (Kolinka Zinovieff ITEC, MTI. - Holistic Massage & Cranial Osteopathy)

"An ideal tape for healing, yoga and relaxation. This innovative and evocative music reaches deep within the soul of the listener to soothe and relax. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this tape as it is probably some of the best ambient/new age music around at the moment." (Dave Bird, New Age Trader)

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Song of the Peach Tree Spring

"Consistently lovely and Zen-flavoured music... Beautiful" (Heartsong Review, U.S.A.)

"Gentle, dreamy music to relax and transport you to peaceful realms, reflecting magical places and atmospheres" (Body and Soul, Edinburgh)

Tears of the Moon

"An hour of wonderful synth sounds with flute and violin... compositions are interesting, sounds rich and variant.. Symbiosis is a pleasing departure from the usual." (Heartsong Review, U.S.A.)

"Tears of the Moon is an hour of great entertainment, with intelligent use of sound textures and excellent production quality rarely heard in the UK." (E-MIX magazine)


What they say about Symbiosis"Their music is quite distinctive, and represents some of the best of what the general public thinks of as 'New Age' music." (Mike Steer, Catalist)

"This is the sort of thing that could give New Age music a GOOD name." (Paul White, Editor, Sound on Sound)

"The tapes really are in a class of their own... hopefully this is the way that New Age music will go." (Body & Soul, Edinburgh)

"The space and textures of the music were breathtaking - Excellent" (Concert review by Nigel Shaw)

"Symbiosis are rapidly forging a reputation as one of the most intelligent, experimental and innovative combos on the New Age scene." (Mark Jenkins, E-MIX)

"An object lesson in how to be ambient and groovy at the same time" (Soundwaves Magazine)


Customer Feedback:

'Many thanks for hours of wonderful music'

Yoga Teacher, Tring


'I was absolutely enthralled by the beautiful music'

Customer, Kent about Touching the Clouds


'Of all I've heard, Touching the Clouds is still my (and my clients') favourite CD'

Holistic Practitioner, Glasgow


'I think Touching the Clouds is wonderful'

Customer, Bury St Edmunds


'We and our patients find Amber and Jade excellent for relaxation'

Healer, Salisbury


'Out of all my music Amber and Jade is my favourite ­ it's wonderful'

Reflexologist & Massage Practitioner, Eastbourne


'I have about a hundred of these kind of albums but I choose to play Sea of Light a lot - it's fantastic!'

Acupuncturist, Northampton

A treat for the head, heart and ears!


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