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"Consistently lovely & Zen-flavoured music... Beautiful" *

Song of the
Peach Tree Spring

Now released on an extended play CD, the gentle, dreamy music on this album has been specially written for quiet contemplation and relaxation, and provides a perfect backdrop for holistic therapies such as massage, aromatherapy and reflexology. The character of the music also makes it ideal for creating a calming ambience in workplaces, antenatal sessions and for individual or group meditation

Song of the Peach Tree Spring is long enough to last throughout most relaxation or complementary therapy sessions, so whether you are a practitioner or simply need to unwind, let Symbiosis transport you on a peaceful and healing journey of deep relaxation. Much of the music on this album was inspired by the work of the 8th century Chinese poet Wang Wei, whose sensitive writing frequently conjured up tranquil images of nature and the elements. Painting with words, Wang Wei used symbols of his landscape - clouds, pine trees, the moon, streams and rivers - to evoke a profound sense of peace in his writing. His most poignant poem is a Shangri-la style tale, titled "Song of the Peach Tree Spring". (See below...)

Listen to: Song of the Peach Tree Spring; Broken Willow; NightShadows; None but the Lonely Heart; Darkness and Light; At the Cloud Gate – and try this Free track to DownLoad: Venus & Cresent Moon {© Symbiosis Music, 1988}

CD and iTunes versions feature six bonus tracks and a playing time of 69 minutes. Price now only: £9.95 (plus postage & packing from £1.50)

Also available on Symbiosis

"When spring comes, everywhere there are
peach blossom streams...
No one can tell which may be the spring of paradise."

(Wang Wei - from Penguin Classics "Poems of Wang Wei" translated by G.W. Robinson)

Quotes about "Song of the Peach Tree Spring" by Symbiosis:

* "The meeting of synthesizer with guitar, flutes, violin and more, is indeed symbiotic and successful. Synth never strives to outdo other instruments and remains balanced and delicate. The listener's ear can safely remain attuned at the subtle level of this consistently lovely and Zen-flavoured music. The "moods" side of the album is my favourite for its rich, gently jazzy, always laid back style. The "meditation" side is slower with equally delightful moments of perfection, like the flute work merging ever so subtly with gorgeous synth background, like shadows: shifting, dancing. Beautiful."
(by Acacia, from Heartsong Review, U.S.A. ***)

"This is the music I most associate with Symbiosis – spacey, minimal atmospheric sounds that create a serene ambience very suitable for playing whilst healing or meditating. This album has to be 'album of ther month' as it reaches deepest in terms of emotion."
(Dave Bird, New Age Trader)

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