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Thumb-nails of New Zealand's sightsThe pictures on the right show several recording locations for the AOTEAROA album by Symbiosis:

1. (Top) Exploring natural bush on Kapiti Island, near Wellington. The island is a sanctuary for indigenous birds like the tui, bellbird, stitchbird and whitehead. (Track 3 - 'Kapiti Island - Tui's Paradise')

2. The blue pacific waters off the Kaikoura coast attract whales, seals and dolphins all year round. Kaikoura is one of the best places in the world to see Sperm whales because their favourite habitat - very deep water - is present only a couple of miles out to sea. (Track 5 - 'Pacific Shores')

3. (Middle) The effervescent boiling Champagne lake at Wai-O-Tapu thermal reserve near Rotorua is a stunning example of the geo-thermal activity found in the centre of New Zealand's North Island. (Track 6 - 'The Power of Mother Earth')

4. The Yellow-eyed Penguin, or 'Hoiho' can be found on the South Island's east coast. The best place to observe them is at the Yellow-eyed Penguin Reserve on McGrouther's Farm near on the Otago Peninsula near Dunedin. The picture shows breeding pair Peter and Alice with their two chicks. (Track 5 - 'Pacific Shores')

5. (Bottom) Sunset on the rocks north of Kaikoura. (Track 5 - 'Pacific Shores')

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Full details of each track on the AOTEAROA album:

1. Wattle Track in the Wind, Tiritiri Matangi Island

Bellbirds; Saddlebacks; Fantails; distant Stitchbirds

2. Dawn to Dusk Relaxation

0.00: Waitomo Gulley at Dawn
2.24: Morning Surf, Whangaparaoa Bay
3.44: Waterfall Gulley Track, Shakespear Regional Park
4.52: Marble Terrace, Waimangu Volcanic Valley
6.59: Tui & Fantails in the Rain, Nga Manu Sanctuary
9.26: Country Garden - Late Afternoon, Maropiu
11.37: Fields & Stream at Night with Morepork, Maropiu

3. Kapiti Island - Tui's Paradise

Tui's song and flight with Weka clucking and foraging in the Bush;
Kaka calls;
Whiteheads & North Island Robin;
Several Tuis and Bellbirds feeding overhead in Rata Trees


Photo: Dusk falls on Kapiti Island (NZ, North Island, Nr. Wellington) (c) Clive Williamson, 2001

4. Waitomo & King Country

0.00: Waitomo Village at Daybreak
2.04: Calm before the Storm; Mapara Wildlife Reserve
4.57: Distant Thunder; Mapara Wildlife Reserve
9.26: Gentle Waterfall at Night; Opapaka Walk, Waitomo
10.54: Inside the Glowworm Caves, Waitomo 

5. Pacific Shores

Ocean Sounds from the Kaikoura region;
Blue Penguin Colony, Oamaru;
Chicks feeding and adult calling, Yellow Eyed Penguin Conservation Reserve, Otago Peninsula

NZ Boiling Mud (c) Symbiosis 2008

Photo: Boiling Mud, Rotorua (NZ, North Island) (c) Clive Williamson, 2008

6. The Power of Mother Earth

Geothermal activity from the Rotorua region, featuring seething pools, hot stream & springs, hissing steam vent & boiling mud

More Bird Sounds to download:Bellbird (c) Symbiosis 2008

BELLBIRD (WAVE file) 48k bellbird.wav

SADDLEBACK 1 (WAVE file) 28k sadlbak1.wav

SADDLEBACK 2 (WAVE file) 56k sadlbak2.wav

BELLBIRD (MAC system) 44k bellbird.snd

SADDLEBACK 3 (MAC system) 24k sadlbak3.snd

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