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The perfect introduction to our music...

Lake of Dreams CD CoverLake of Dreams

Slow Latin jazz, ambient classical, and global beats: Lake of Dreams is the perfect introduction to the best of Symbiosis! More than an hour of truly original atmospheric music suitable for relaxing listening and encouraging creativity. Features the mellifluous flute-playing of John Hackett and includes several tracks not yet available elsewhere.

'Any of these evocative tracks would be the perfect background to creative work, art or movement therapy...'

Many of these evocative pieces have found their way into Television and Radio productions around the globe, including From the Dark Side, which featured in "The Day They Made It Rain" (a BBC Radio documentary which won the Sony Radio Academy Gold Award for Best News Programme in 2002) and John Hackett's tune "Freefall", which was chosen as the theme music for 'Just Three Wishes' on BBC Radio 4. (Total playing time: 78 minutes)

Track Listing: Freefall; Salvador; Touching the Clouds; Afternoon Tea with Bilbo Baggins; Early Morning; The Stars... Like Dust; Dawn Clouds, Dusk Rain; Lakeside; Layers of Shade; For the Ancients; The Heron & the Sandpiper; None but the Lonely Heart; Light After; Venus & Crescent Moon; From the Dark Side; Song of the Peach Tree Spring; Going Home; The Depths of Mordor; Sesamum Seed & Rice; Libra Rising.

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"Dark, looming mountains, endless windswept plains, tourist postcards full of light and movement, echoes of ancient civilizations... this, the latest album by the accomplished Symbiosis, is like a travel documentary for the inner eye. Technically superb – as is all their work – any of these evocative tracks would be the perfect background to creative work, art or movement therapy or even as a soundtrack for your home video..."
(Brian Lee, I to I magazine)

'Designed to appeal both to therapists and a general
audience... the music creates imaginative soundscapes

and is wonderful as a backdrop for the healing arts.'
Sally Peterson, Planetary Connections

Original Press Release for the album:

Symbiosis launch their first CD at Mind Body Spirit '94

Symbiosis, whose music cassettes are already widely used by alternative therapists, healers, – and people who simply enjoy relaxing to music – have now released a compact disc of some of their most popular work. Titled Lake of Dreams, the CD contains 20 tracks of gentle, ambient music by the group, and has a playing time of more than 78 minutes. The album is designed to appeal to both therapists and a general audience, and has a journeying and visionary feel. The music features concert and ethnic flutes hauntingly played by John Hackett and Clive Williamson, and soothing acoustic guitar work from Richard Bolton.

Symbiosis make their beautiful and unusual music by combining the timbres of natural instruments with atmospheric keyboard textures and the sounds of nature, creating wonderful soundscapes that capture the imagination, but which leave plenty of space for the listener to explore freely.

Lake of Dreams photo by Clive Williamson

The first hour of music on Lake of Dreams is perfect as a backdrop to relaxation, T'ai Chi and yoga, or alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, massage and reflexology. Tracks include Freefall, The Heron the Sandpiper, None but the Lonely Heart and the title track from their Touching the Clouds double-length album designed specially for long periods of relaxation and massage.

The final 20 minutes of the CD represents some of the more atmospheric work by the group, with flute and guitar solos, a new tune called Libra Rising, two pieces written specially for radio and TV soundtracks, and Sesamum Seed & Rice, an Eastern-style global beats track which features Ashley Drees on mandolin and Brazilian pot drum, violinist Maloviere, and singer Emily Sinclair. The piece been tremendously popular at live concerts by Symbiosis, and has already been played on many BBC radio stations.

"Warriors" by Penny Grant

Producer and musician Clive Williamson is very pleased with the resulting CD. “Each of the five Symbiosis cassette albums has a very different quality,” Clive says, “so we have chosen a selection of material from the albums which represents every facet of our music so far, and adds some new pieces which are not yet available on the tapes. We hope that Lake of Dreams will be just as intriguing and entertaining to listen to as it is useful to therapists teaching relaxation, or doing massage or reflexology sessions." Judging by the number of people who asked about buying Symbiosis music on CD at last year's Festival for Mind-Body-Spirit in London, it's certain that Lake of Dreams will be well received at this year's show. 

(The etching "Warriors" by Penny Grant is reproduced on the cover of Lake of Dreams)

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