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Beautiful nature sounds from
'The Land of the Long White Cloud'

Aotearoa CD CoverThumb-nails of New Zealand's sightsAOTEAROA
Nature Sounds of New Zealand

Lose yourself in the enchanting calls of Bellbirds, Kaka and Tui. Or simply picture yourself on an endless Pacific beach at sunset, lulled by the music of the gently lapping waves. Listen to AOTEAROA* and get as far away from it all as you possibly can!

These wonderful recordings capture the true beauty of the nature and landscape of New Zealand - first known to the Maori as AOTEAROA - or the 'Land of the Long White Cloud'. With gently calming early morning forest and bush atmospheres, the ebb and flow of the Pacific ocean, distant rolling thunder and the sounds of hot springs, glowworm caves and boiling mud pools, you'll enjoy relaxing to these 'postcards in sound' from a remarkable natural haven!

Sales of this album support bird conservation in New Zealand on Tiritiri Matangi Island
* AOTEAROA is pronounced: 'ow-tay(a)-roa'

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CD Plays for 52 minutes. Price: £9.95 (Pounds sterling: plus Postage & Packing from £1.50 )

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Each track sounds like a gentle journey through a region of New Zealand... listen to extracts from the AOTEAROA CD (2.7 Mb MP3 file) introduced by sound recordist Clive Williamson or watch on YouTube:

Track list: Kapiti Island - Tui's Paradise is alive with the distinctive songs of tui, kaka, whiteheads and North Island robin; Wattle Track in the Wind features tuneful bellbirds, saddlebacks and stichbirds on Tiritiri Matangi Island; while Waitomo & King Country takes the listener on a journey from daybreak in Waitomo Gulley down into the famous glow-worm caves themselves, via gentle waterfalls and rolling thunder in the nature reserve at Mapara. The longest track, Dawn to Dusk Relaxation is a peaceful 'postcard in sound' from the North Island, with tranquil dawn chorus bird-song, gently lapping waves, streams, cicadas, fantails playing in the bush and, as night falls, a lone morepork owl calling in the distance. Pacific Shores eavesdrops on the protected birds of the Little Blue and Yellow Eyed Penguin colonies by the ocean on South Island and, finally, The Power of Mother Earth reveals the surprisingly soothing sounds of hot streams, steam vents and bubbling mud. (These extra-ordinary digital field recordings were made by ex-BBC sound engineer and producer Clive Williamson using 'super-hearing' preamplifiers.) 

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"It feels like an immersion in the natural world of New Zealand... I highly recommend it for bird lovers... and certainly folks, I don’t think you can get any closer to nature via a recording than this one."
(The Whole Music Experience)

"... Crystal clear minutes of natural harmonies including billy-cooing Bellbirds, Saddlebacks and Fantails, interrupted occasionally by a flutter of feathers, the rattle and thrum of insect wings, or a distant comforting crack of thunder... If unwinding to the call of the wild is your thing, then this album won't disappoint.
**** {Excellent Rating}"
(Kindred Spirit magazine)

Features the sounds of: Rotorua, Waitomo Glow-worm Caves, Hauraki Gulf, Kaikoura, New Zealand birdsong and bird calls, tui, bellbird (korimako, makomako), saddleback (tieke), kaka, kea, fantail (piwakawaka), morepork (ruru), whitehead (popokatea), new zealand robin (toutouwai), stitchbird (hihi), red-crowned parakeet (kakariki), grey warbler (riroriro), yellow-eyed penguin (hoiho), blue penguin (korora), weka, bush weta, cicadas (kihikihi), chaffinch, song-thrush, sparrow, Tiritiri Matangi and Kapiti islands, gentle rainfall, distant thunder, surf, Mapara Reserve, Oamaru, Otago Peninsula, Shakespear Regional Park, Nga Manu Sanctuary, Whangaparaoa Bay, dawn chorus, Pacific ocean waves, boiling mud, waterfall and streams, NZ rainforest.

AOTEAROA - Nature Sounds of New Zealand (Extended Edition) 2017NEW for 2017: This Deluxe Edition adds five new tracks, increasing the playing time to over 77 minutes and including several new location recordings made by Clive while visiting the South Island in 2001.

New Tracks: Bellbird Dawn, South Island; Lazy Summer Days, NZ; Nga Manu (The Birds); Aotearoa – A Natural Reprise; Sweet Sounds on the Sea Breeze (Bellbird & Tui Mix). Find out more by downloading the Digital Booklet.

This Deluxe Edition adds the sounds of: kiwi, South Island bellbirds, silvereyes, blackbird, weta, Lake Rotoiti (Bellbird Walk), and the Pororari River near Punakaiki, S.I.

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Kapiti Island at sunset by Clive Williamson

Photo: Kapiti Island at sunset by Clive Williamson

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