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 Perfect music for Relaxing Listening,
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Touching the CloudsAmber and JadeThe Comfort ZoneSea of LightSong of the Peach Tree Spring

Dancing in your DreamsAutumn DaysAOTEAROATears of the MoonLake of Dreams

Our albums have been crafted to be ideal for holistic practitioners; complementary therapies such as aromatherapy, massage, reiki, and reflexology; and for deep relaxation and meditation. This music is both deeply calming and musically valid...
"A treat for the head, heart and ears!"

Music by Symbiosis is highly acclaimed by listeners, therapists and reviewers alike as some of the best new-age / ambient / relaxation music available and includes:

Touching the Clouds Touching the Clouds: Well over an hour of spacious music to calm the mind and soothe the spirit. Created specially for deep relaxation and for use in complementary therapies, the album evokes a unique atmosphere of peace and healing. Research has proved its ability to lower the heartbeat rate and hence help to reduce stress. The tracks blend harmoniously one into another, creating a continuous ambience of healing and calm that allows you to relax with a profound sense of Zen-like inner peace. More...
Amber and Jade Amber and Jade: Mellifluous flute-playing, gentle acoustic guitar, symphonic strings and pastoral nature sounds all help to produce one of the most peaceful, harmonious and calming albums ever written for deep relaxation and healing. One of our best-selling albums, it is ideal for therapists, with tracks flowing into each other and a playing time of 74 mins. "This is Heavenly Music!" (Denise Linn) More...
Dancing in your Dreams Perfect for therapists at the end of a hard day! Drawing inspiration from around the globe, Symbiosis have created a unique musical fusion which is by turns atmospheric, energizing and uplifting. Here for the first time is a compilation of their most rhythmic work... these gentle global grooves blend instruments and styles from Africa, Australia, Asia, Spain and Latin America. Relax and enjoy this timeless music... hopefully you will soon be Dancing in your Dreams! More...
and our natural sounds release:
AOTEAROA AOTEAROA - Nature Sounds of New Zealand: These wonderful recordings capture the true beauty of the nature and landscape of NZ - first known to the Maori as AOTEAROA - or the 'Land of the Long White Cloud'. With gently calming early morning forest and bush atmospheres, the ebb and flow of the Pacific ocean, distant rolling thunder and the sounds of hot springs, glowworm caves and boiling mud pools, you'll enjoy relaxing to these 'postcards in sound' from a remarkable natural haven! More...

'A treat for the head, heart and ears'

Are you looking for music for deep relaxation; something to make you feel inspired; or for a gentle accompaniment on an inner journey? If so, why not float away with Symbiosis?

"Music plays a powerful role in our lives. It can take us down memory lane, distract us, excite and uplift. The challenge for us as composers and musicians is to create ambient music that is both relaxing and musically valid. Judging by the feedback from our thousands of customers over more than twenty years, we have succeeded. With titles such as Touching the Clouds and Amber and Jade we are responding directly to the needs of holistic practitioners and complementary therapists, as well as those who simply need to relax and dissipate the stresses and strains of daily life."

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"Who uses your music to relax?"

Individuals; therapists and their clients; hospitals; businesses. Symbiosis albums are perfect for Massage, Aromatherapy, Yoga, Meditation and as a background for a wide range of holistic therapies.

"Is your music all played on synthesizers?"

No! Our policy is to use natural instruments like flutes or acoustic guitar, blended with delicate keyboard soundscapes.

"Why are there few tunes?"

Tunes can prevent really deep relaxation, so our music is usually free-flowing and melodic, allowing listeners to create their own space...

"On Touching the Clouds and Amber and Jade the pieces blend harmoniously one into another, creating a continuous ambience of healing and calm. By combining the airy and expressive qualities of natural instruments like flutes and acoustic guitar with the very latest recording techniques, I think we are capturing something very special," says Clive Williamson of Symbiosis. "Music which is beautifully played and recorded, but which leaves space for the listener to explore freely and to relax with a sense of inner peace."

Music Video for "The Beauty Within" by Symbiosis (from Amber and Jade and The Comfort Zone) featuring mellifluous flute-playing by John Hackett and gentle guitar from Richard Bolton:

To find out more about our relaxing music:

NEW: Guide to choosing and using Music for Relaxation and Healing

Interview with John Hackett & Clive Williamson from Channel One cable TV:

"Good vibes are no mere figure of speech.
The effect is floating, spacey,
and - as I found when I gave it the
couch-test - agreeably narcotic..."

Discover Symbiosis in an article from the Independent newspaper: "Songs in the key of Valium"

Supremely relaxing music: Play extract from Touching the Clouds
{'Nimbus' by John Hackett - flute; and Clive Williamson - keyboards}

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Ideal music for: Relaxing Listening; Holistic Massage; Therapeutic Massage; Aromatherapy; Reiki; Relexology; Colour Therapy; Crystal Therapy; Floatation Tanks; Yoga; Feng Shui; Guided Relaxation; Meditation; Healing Session; Creativity; Workplaces; Inspiration; Creativity; Reception Areas; Energizing; Antenatal/Childbirth; Schools/Education; Licensing and Synchronization.

Genres: New Age; Relaxation; Ambient; Relaxing Music; Healing Music; Massage Music; Aromatherapy Music; Meditation Music; Inspirational Music; Reflexology Music; Floatation Music; Holistic Massage Music; Calming Music.

Musicians: John Hackett (flutes); Richard Bolton (guitars); and Clive Williamson (keyboards & wind synthesizer and flutes).

Guest Musicians: Ashley Drees (cittern, mandolin & percussion); Michèle Drees (percussion); Sarah Devonald (oboe & cor anglais); Rupert Flindt (fretless bass); Maloviere (violin & tsimbala); Nicki Paxman (violin and keyboards); Ian Ritchie (soprano saxophone); Chris Jenkins (guitar); and Emily Sinclair (flute and voice)

Touching the CloudsAmber and JadeThe Comfort ZoneSea of LightSong of the Peach Tree Spring

Dancing in your DreamsAutumn DaysAOTEAROATears of the MoonLake of Dreams




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