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Digital DIY is an on-line magazine for anyone interested in technology and music, with features planned on digital recording equipment, MIDI instruments, sound effects units, Hard Disk editing and CD mastering. In the coming months, musician and journalist Clive Williamson will describe how to use computer technology for every step of the process of making a CD, from multi-track recording and editing through to mastering onto CD-Recordable and album cover design.

There will also be archive interviews with ground-breaking musicians like Brian Eno, Frank Zappa and Jaco Pastorius; synthesists such as Wendy Carlos, Phil Oakey from Human League and Joe Zawinul; guitarists Adrian Belew and Mike Oldfield, and maybe even some sound-bites from the designers of album sleeves for Yes and Pink Floyd, Roger Dean and Hypgnosis!

Save your ears: Digital DIY highlights the steps you can take to protect your hearing if you are regularly exposed to loud sounds or amplified music as part of your job. No-one wants to be an audio wimp, but common sense now can help you preserve this vital sense for future work and creativity!

Also available are an interview with synthesiser designer and guru Bob Moog, and a piece on the important - but often ignored - subject of using computers safely at home and at work...

Interview with JACO PASTORIUS

NEW: Digital DIY Part 1 (July 1996) and Digital DIY Part 2 (August 1996)

Updated: Interview with BOB MOOG



NEW: Creative Audio Part 1 - Pro Tools Plug-ins (2000)

NEW: Creative Audio Part 2 - Sound Design & DIY Musical Effects (2000)

NEW: Field Recording in New Zealand for BBC Sound Archives (1997/8)

Archive: PROTOOLS IV by Clive Williamson & Dave Robinson (1997)


Hear what's in Wendy Carlos's Studio! (182k MP3)

Hear John Hackett on Acoustics for Musicians (775k MP3)

John Hackett in Anechoic Chamber

Flautist John Hackett in the Anechoic Chamber at Kingswood Warren

Digital DIY is sponsored by Clive Williamson's acclaimed UK ambient group SYMBIOSIS:

"A treat for Head, Heart and Ears!"

Find out about their gentle albums blending acoustic instruments, synths and digital technology

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Photos: Panorama of Clive Williamson in the Symbiosis Studio by Robin Mudge; John Hackett photo by Clive Williamson